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Teasmade featured on Stephen Fry’s 100 Greatest Gadgets

Stephen Fry...

In 2011 the Goblin Teasmade featured on Stephen Fry’s 100 Greatest Gadgets

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Kettles as Teasmades

Kettles as Teasmades

by Sheridan Parsons

By the 1920s electric appliances were becoming increasingly popular, and for a while it seemed that kettles would kick teasmades right out of the playing field.

Certainly by 1922 the kettle had found its way into the bedroom. The first reference I have found to using an electric kettle for morning tea in bed is by “G B H” in the Yorkshire Post on a page entitle For Women of Today, published in 1922:

“ The Electric Kettle – How it Scores in the Mornings ”

Have you ever tried an electric kettle? You can get a little beauty, holding one and a half pints, made of nickel plated copper, at a perfectly reasonable price. I used to laugh at electric kettles. What use were they, with a gas cooker in the scullery.

But there happened to be the rub. The gas cooker was in the scullery. What a nuisance to get up on a cold morning without a hot cup of tea first of all to brace one up. What a nuisance to leave an engrossing book to put the kettle on the gas ring for tea! And what a nuisance when, for some unknown reason or other the water got cold, and back to the scullery you had to go to heat some more. What a waste of energy and time this all was.

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