How tea can help you get a good night's sleep

by Chloe Gorman

good night's sleep

You know the feeling. It's 6am on Monday morning. You wake, bleary eyed, to your alarm blaring. The new day has come screaming into your life just at the moment it is least welcome.

I, like most people, fall out of bed and into the kitchen to flick on the kettle and brew a strong cup of tea; the caffeine providing a much needed boost to get me through the morning.

And I'm not alone. So many of us rely on caffeine to keep us awake and alert because of poor or disturbed sleep. Shocking really considering the many health benefits associated with getting a good nights rest.

Not only can a good sleep improve your productivity the next day, it could help you learn new skills, boost your creativity, reduce stress and anxiety, and help you shed pounds. Some people believe that good sleep can even increase your life expectancy.

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Mr Bean

Rowan Atkinson's infamous character 'Mr Bean' finds a novel use for a Teasmade

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Kettles as Teasmades

Kettles as Teasmades

by Sheridan Parsons

By the 1920s electric appliances were becoming increasingly popular, and for a while it seemed that kettles would kick teasmades right out of the playing field.

Certainly by 1922 the kettle had found its way into the bedroom. The first reference I have found to using an electric kettle for morning tea in bed is by “G B H” in the Yorkshire Post on a page entitle For Women of Today, published in 1922:

“ The Electric Kettle – How it Scores in the Mornings ”

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Tea Talk


In British homes, it is customary to offer tea to guests soon after their arrival

A Global Favourite

Tea is the second most consumed beverage on earth after water

Stephen Fry...

In 2011 the Goblin Teasmade featured on Stephen Fry’s 100 Greatest Gadgets

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The Perfect Brew

A brief history of tea

by Chloe Gorman

Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. From India’s rich black tea, to China’s fresh, grassy green to South Africa’s sweet, caffeine free red, tea speaks a universal language and us Brits can’t get enough of it. 

So much so that step into any coffee shop on the high street and you may be surprised to find that the tea selection has grown even larger than the coffee menu. Monthly tea subscription services now exist to deliver best quality teas right to your door and even big supermarket brands are expanding their range, adding new infusions like Caramel Chai and Matcha.

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